____UAB Tiksli forma has been carrying out its activities since 2003. Main activity directions: architectural and complex design of all types of buildings, project management, technical and project implementation supervision of construction.
____The company specializes in the area of sports and leisure complex design, prepares public, residential and industrial building projects, and develops interior projects for all types of buildings.
____UAB Tiksli forma is the only member of the IAKS association (International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities) in Lithuania. IAKS organization unites sports object design and sports equipment manufacturer companies around the world and is the only such association recognized by the International Olympic Committee.
____The company has gathered a team of highly qualified employees, it chooses partners carefully and listens to the requests of its clients.
____Our job is to make the ideas and vision of our clients become seen. When designing buildings, we follow certain architectural quality principles: urban integrity and compatibility with the environment, functionality, sustainability, sensible aesthetics, based on rationality and the application of latest technologies. We aim to develop artistic architectural objects with a lasting value and public appreciation.