Client: Visaginas municipality administration
Project: 2014
Realization: 2015

____Visaginas Lake, where the town of Visaginas is located on its northern coast, is a very important ecological and eco-recreational object for the town. The following objects are designed and going to be built on the shore of lake going from east to west: Finish tower, four floating pontoons and one closed pontoon – a pier for boats.
____This project aims at the installation of 150x1400m nine-track 9 m wide rowing track located 110-260m from the shore of Visaginas Lake, the finish line of which tallies with the axis of designed finish tower d. Rowing track shall be designed for kayak and canoe sports.
____For marking of rowing track “ALBANO” type buoy system is planned to be installed. This system is used on all rowing tracks that meet international requirements. “ALBANO” type track marking system is a method of marking kayak, canoe and rowing competitions with ropes and buoys. It was first used on Lake Albano in Italy during Summer Olympic Games in 1960. This system has become the international standard in FISA events and is used during the rowing events in the Olympic Games.
____Three buildings are designed within the area allowed to be built-up: the building of sports base, the Finish tower and the boatyard. Access to the buildings and the shore is going to be a pavement of concrete blocks. In the eastern part of the plot, in parallel with plot side, a 2-storey sports base building is designed.