Client: Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
Project: Year 2009
Realization: Year 2012-2015

____Winters are so severe only in Ignalina where the snow does not melt till summer. To some purpose Ignalina is the capital of winter sports in Lithuania. Here, the mountain ski resort is situated in a unique corner of the nature surrounded by mountains and Green Lake; it is equipped with modern mountain lifts, skating rink, hotel and restaurants. The project on the modernization of national winter sports centre provides for the installation of the biathlon complex complying with the requirements of International Biathlon Federation. A modern competition service centre, biathlon shooting range will be built there; a 7500 m skiing slope will be renewed, and it will be equipped with its lighting and snowmaking facilities.
____By the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania this project was recognized as an important economic project for the state.

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