Client: Sports school of Vilnius district municipality
Project: 2015

____A dynamic form of the building associated with the properties of town situation allows the creation of a unique and distinctive image which seeks significantly affect the identity of urbanized environment. The object is created as a distinctive and original work within the town environment which would also perform the function of visual landmark. Its volumetric spatial and functional interior solutions satisfy the most significant innovations of the buildings of this typological group, combining both technological and architectural novelties.
____The building is designed as a single, relatively compact volume: considering both the shape of the plot and the aesthetic motives as well as desirable exterior and interior. The exterior intends to emphasize the movement and dynamics of the building. The eastern part of the building is lower than the west, which provides for the pool area. Such a decision is not only aesthetically acceptable, but also, in the aspect of interior solutions, enhances the space exactly where it is needed, i.e. the pool area which is the largest by its area (height is greater than in other premises).
____The building is designed with the view of providing the basic services needed for this kind of building: to provide the visitors with the opportunity to work out in the gym, to move in aerobics and exercise premises, to go swimming and diving in the pool, to enjoy other water treatments, to relax in sauna area, Jacuzzi, and to provide catering services.