Interior of Sports Club “FITUS”
Project: Year 2015
Implementation: Year 2016
Area of the premises: 2030 m²

___Strong shapes, dashing contrasts, and modern materials contribute well to designing of the luxurious interior of Sports Club “Fitus”.
___The main entrance on the first floor leads right to the lobby and the reception on the left. The reception desk is a white, clean block complemented by the mirror wall and the curves of chandeliers. A turn right at the main entrance takes to the healthy food café. The white bar block and the solid wooden furniture arranged along the French window highlight the oblong shape of the café and extend the theme prevailing in the reception.
___The staircase is near the reception and it looks even more dramatic thanks to the linear LED lighting. The dominant colour in the locker rooms is dark grey combined with white bench blocks a hanging mirror design. Everything is combined with LED lighting just like in other premises. The pool area (~515 m²) is dominated by natural colours: grey concrete, metal and wood textures are extended through clear dynamics of square shapes and all this is highlighted by lighting.
___A 600 m² fitness area has been equipped on the second floor: it has a huge glass-case wall, mirrors and a carpet incorporating modern technologies and specifically designed for sports. In addition to this, two separate gyms have been equipped next door to each other: both of them are 180 m², they have parquet flooring, mirrors, and a long glass-case wall with a view to the nearby meadows.