Contest coordinator: Klaipėdos city municipality administration
Contest proposals: 2014

Dislocation of Building
____Project technical task, solutions of detailed plan and formation of urban-spatial environment were referred to during the preparation of project. Essential objective of designed building composition was to determine the optimum orientation in respect of a newly built sports arena with the view of composition and functional harmony in respect to each other. Therefore, the solution to form a small public space (excluding parking lot) which would be a continuation of the public space adjacent to the sports arena in front of the swimming-pool entrance zone has been chosen.
Building Volume
____Specific coastal space inspired to provide the building with a homogeneous volume that is enveloped in porous structure, which like a net thrown over would associate with the motives characteristic of the city of Klaipeda (or the entire coastal region): whether it would be a half-timbered construction of buildings and fishing net. The project is original by its architectural style, which is a kind of harmony of simplicity and irrationality in the decision of building exterior. Facades of the building have the systems of solar elements integrated, combining them with double facade rhythm offered to be use. The joints of aluminium construction with thermal insulating layer are offered to be used for the frame structure of secondary façade. Window structures or blind planes with thermal insulation layer are installed in the frame to be constructed. In addition, the volume of designed building was determined by objective conditions, i.e. the limits of built-up area, volume of designed building, as well as the limit of target areas and high groundwater level characteristic of the coastal area (the project does not include basement premises). Swimming-pool area is designed in accordance with the minimum requirements of FINA.
Designed functional target scheme of the building enables separate groups of premises to function (including flow control and taxation), independently of each other as far as this is provided for in the purpose of the project.